TI-84 Plus CE Hex Codes


This page contains a list of useful hex codes to be used with ExecHex. To use them, follow the ExecHex documentation with the preferred hex string. Some of these may perform similar utilities to pre-existing Celtic functions. A good number of these were taken/adapted from the TI-BASIC Developer 84 Plus CE Hexcodes page.


Invert LCD (High contrast mode/Dark mode)

Inverts the colors of the LCD. Also sometimes referred to as “High contrast mode” or “Dark mode”:


Credit: MateoConLechuga

Toggle Program mode

When used in a program, it allows you to use Archive and UnArchive on other programs:



Make sure to switch back to “program mode” when you’re done by running the program again.

Text Inverse

This will switch from normal text mode to inverse (white text on black background) and vice versa:

Enable Lowercase

Enables lowercase letters in TI-OS:

Disable Lowercase

Disables lowercase letters in TI-OS (default):

Toggle Lowercase

Toggles lowercase letters on/off in TI-OS:

Clear LCD

Clears the LCD:

Run Indicator Off

Turns off the run indicator:

Run Indicator On

Turns on the run indicator:

Toggle Run Indicator

Toggles the run indicator on/off:

Disable APD

Disables Automatic Power Down (APD):

Enable APD

Enables Automatic Power Down:

Turn Off Cursor

This is harmless, but it stops displaying that blinking cursor :D Just press [2nd][MODE] to put it back to normal. What, jokes are allowed, right?

– TI-BASIC Developer

Turn On Cursor

Turns on the cursor:

Draw TI Logo

This is a strange function that draws the TI Logo. (Yes, there is a built in ASM call to do that) While there is no real reason you would probably want to do this, it’s still interesting: